Friday, June 2, 2017

Sprinkle Kindness FREEBIE

Who's out for summer?!?! We got out last week and lemme' just tell ya'....I was itching for a summer break! There is just nothing better than having an excuse to stay in your pajamas until noon...or later! 

I wanted to pop in real quick and show you a free read aloud activity that is perfect for back to school.  Have you read the book, The Jelly Donut Difference by Maria Dismondy

My babies and I have read it just about every single night for bedtime story this week. It is such a sweet story about showing kindness to others.  It is also perfect for back to school when discussing ways to treat classmates. After reading the story, students can write down (on small sticky notes) different ways to show kindness at school and stick them to an anchor chart. 

This anchor chart can stay up all year long as a reminder to students on how to treat friends. 

As a follow up activity, students can make a donut and record their own acts of kindness on their sprinkles - and then choose one act of kindness from their donut and give an example of a time they did that act. 

You can download this kindness freebie here

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  1. I love this lesson and craft! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I don't have the book, but I found it (read by the author!) on YouTube.